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2015 Opener Brings Out the Best Bike Club in HC


The only thing that can be said for our opening day rides is "WOW!"

It seems that Spring Fever had everyone coming out en mass to be a part of the first official ride of the 2015 Spokester's bike season. Festivities started with a 9am meet and greet in the parking lot. Neil and Jerre hosted the get together from the back of their vehicles with a variety of goods to fuel riders through their route.

The thirty minutes of socializing was followed by the Blessing of the Bikes. Riders formed a somewhat orderly line to hear Nick McDonald give his last blessing as a member of the Chesapeake Spokes. He highlighted how he had come to the club a mere novice and with some friendly advice, ribbing, and mentoring, he became a seasoned bicyclist. With a well rounded prayer and laying of hands, he blessed all the bikes and their riders for the upcoming season.

The last task that needed to be completed before the club hit the open road was the traditional club photograph. Members gaggled up to a big clump to fit within the frame of the photo while others hid in the back of the group. A few jokes and groans later, the photographer had his shots and the rides started to form.

Three rides left the parking lot in succession heading out onto the roads of Harford County at B, C, and D paces. Not only was there a blessing of the bikes, but the club had been blessed with a perfect riding day of blue skies, temperatures in the mid-sixties, and light winds.

Spokersters kicked off 2015 with some great rides and earned themselves the right to party that night!

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