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Howl at the Moon Ride


Calling all nocturnal Spokesters!

Come howl at the full moon this Wednesday, Oct 8th for the annual Chesapeake Spokes Night Ride to kick off the night riding season! Meet at Campus Hills Shopping Center 6PM with your lights on!

Are you a virgin nightrider? No problemo! We are doing the 18 mile Park loop at an easy pace - you don't want to speed in the dark - bad things can happen! You'll need front and back lights and any extra lights/reflectors - you can't have too many lights!

After the ride, we'll let our eyes readjust to the lights found in La Toleteca.

If you've never ridden your bike at night, here's your chance. You'll "see" things in a whole new way. The usual roads that you've ridden on hundreds of times seem and feel completely different (and spooky) at night, plus it becomes PITCH BLACK down in the Park.

So come on out for The Night Ride! It's the most fun you can have in the dark (on your bike)!

Please note***If it rains or the O's are in game 5 of the ALCS, the night ride will be moved to Thursday Oct 9th!

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