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Keep It Safe


There has been much buzz on the Chesapeake Spokes Google Group in the past week and one thing is clear; Safety is Paramount! There are many causes for the breaches in safety: new riders unfamiliar with the rules and seasoned riders who have become complacent over the years. It is easy to point the finger, but it is more important to look at our own riding habits and objectively grade ourselves on how we follow the rules.

The goal of Chesapeake Spokes Bike Club is to provide a friendly and safe cycling experience for all levels of cyclists. We promote camaraderie and expect members to treat each other with respect both on and off the bike. However, we do not sacrifice safety for camaraderie. The Spokes has just added a new page to the website as a training tool for new riders and a refresher course for the veterans of the club. You can navigate your way to the new page through the Rides menu.

They key thing to remember is that safety starts with you. Be aware of your environment by using all of your senses and keeping your focus on the ride. Communicate with each other to increase group awareness. And always be on the defensive because your life depends on it! The best rides are the ones that every rider comes back unscathed.