Cue Sheet Library

Where do we ride? Take a look for yourself to see the exciting, beautiful, and fun routes that we take through Harford County and beyond. We have mapped all of our rides using Ride with GPS which enables you to view the route, print out a cue sheet or even download the route to your GPS.

These are official routes used by the Chesapeake Spokes, however, we do not guarantee safety in regards to vehicular traffic, other cyclists, pedestrians, road conditions or other variables that are beyond our control. We provide these cue sheets as a service to our club members and the public. Use of this library for riding in Harford County and the surrounding areas is strictly at your own risk and anyone using any cue sheet in our library accepts full responsibility for their well being. We promote safe cycling and request that when you ride, to use safe bicycling practices, follow traffic laws and being a courteous cyclist.

Route NameCategoryTypeLengthStart Location
Aberdeen Glenville ReversedMED21.7CHSC
Aberdeen RideMED20.4CHSC
Aberdeen Ride ReversedSHORT19.8CHSC
Bel Air South LoopSHORT15.6ABGLIB
Castleton LoopMED33.8CHSC
Churchville Rec Susq Park LoopMED20.3CHREC
Country CharmsMED21.5FRC
Country Charms ExtendedMED33.5FRC
Deer Creek Church WallHILLS15.7DOVE
Delta Reconnect CafeLONG42CHSC
Eagles NestMED21.9CHSC
Eden Mill NCR LoopMED30.1EDEN
Elkton - Bear LoopLONG60.2ELKTON
Extra Flat Aldino LoopSHORT13.7CHSC
Fallston - Eden MillLONG44.6FRC
Fallston - Eden Mill with SchusterLONG46.2FRC
Fallston Friendship RideMED26.4FRC
Fallston Hill ChallengeLONG43.1FRC
Fallston Pretty Boy 45LONG45.3FOX
Fallston Sunflower RideMED27.4FRC
Fawn Grove RoubaixSHORT14.1YORK
Flat and HappyMED25.2CHSC
Forest Hill Ice CreamHILLS18.3DOVE
Forge - Sandyhook - ChestnutMED20.9MAPA
Forge Hill - Old RobinhoodMED35.3CHSC
Forge Hill Park LoopMED27.6CHSC
Four Counties and Reconnect CafeLONG50.3DARL
Four Counties Extended ChallengeLONG73.8CHSC
Fox Meadows LoopSHORT17.8FOX
Friends Park RideSHORT16.8FRPRK
Furnace Road FunMED21FRC
Galena LoopMED30GES
Glenville-Aldino LoopSHORT13.7CHSC
Grier Nursery and Holy Cross Roller CoasterHILLS27.5DOVE
Grier Nursery Going North ChallengeHILLS16.8DOVE
Harford County Perimeter RouteLONG94.1CHSC
Harford Hills ChallengeLONG46.1HCC
Havre de Grace RideMED27.7CHSC
Hill Series IntroHILLS13.3DOVE
Janas Java Bulle RockMED24.1CHSC
Janas Java Lewis LaneMED24.3CHSC
Jerre - Larry Combo RideLONG51FRC
JKs Hilly OneMED35.8NHHS
JT Endurance RideLONG46.9FRC
JT Very Hilly RouteLONG55FRC
Keiths Ride MahanMED20.7CHSC
Loch Raven Short LoopSHORT17CMES
Lodge Cream Ale RideHILLS15.3DOVE
Madonna LoopMED26.9FRC
Madonna Loop ExtendedMED34.2FRC
Medium Loop to Loch RavenSHORT19.9CMES
Mill Green RideMED20.1DARL
Modified Grier Nursery Roller CoasterHILLS25.4DOVE
Monkton LoopMED29.1FRC
North Furnace ChallengeHILLS19.9DOVE
North Harford - Hunters MillLONG40.8NHHS
North Harford - JacksonvilleLONG45.6NHHS
North Harford HS - MonktonLONG48.2NHHS
Park Robin HoodMED24.6CHSC
Respect the Hills TourHILLS20.4DOVE
River RoadLONG55.2CHSC
Rockridge - Rush ChallengeHILLS19.5DOVE
Scarboro ChallengeHILLS20.8DOVE
Snowball RouteHILLS16.6DOVE
Stepney - West Chapel LoopSHORT18.3CHSC
Stepney ScootSHORT15.1CHSC
Stepney Scoot ReversedSHORT18CHSC
Stepney-Glenville-W ChapelMED20.4CHSC
Stepney-Glenville-W Chapel ReversedMED20.4CHSC
Suellens RideLONG51.1NREC
Susquehanna Park LoopSHORT18.2CHSC
Susquehanna Park Loop ReversedSHORT18.2CHSC
Swan HarborMED30.1CHSC
Thomas Run - Sharon Acres - Thomas RunMED29.2CHSC
Three Counties - SnickerdoodlesLONG59.7FOX
Three Ps and BernadetteHILLS14.7DOVE
Three Ps and Deer Creek WallHILLS25.2DOVE
Three Ps and Holy Cross / Grier NurseryHILLS32DOVE
Tour of Forest HillHILLS16.7DOVE
Walters Mill & Grier Nursery Wall ClimbsHILLS20.2DOVE
Wesley Chapel ReversedMED27FRC
West Harford Modified VeloLONG40.2HCC