Local Bike Shops
Bike Doctor of Bel Air  - A full-service bike shop. Whether you ride road or mountain, town or bike trail, all-out fast or cool and casual, we have the bikes, accessories, and clothing for all your needs.
The Bike Shop of Bel Air  - Independent bike shop located right next to one of our ride starts at the Campus Hills Shopping Center on MD 22.
Broadway Bikes  - Independent bike shop located on Broadway in the heart of Fells Point.
Wrozy B's Cyclery  - We will come to your home, pick up your bike, and deliver it back to you in perfect working condition.
Bike Clubs
Baltimore Bike Club  - Baltimore area bike club leading rides throughout Baltimore City and County.
Harford Velo  - Harford County club leading rides from Harford Community College.
Washington Area Bicycling Association  - The premier bike club of the Greater Washington Metro Area.
Bent Rider Online  - Taking bicycling to a whole new comfort level.
League of American Bicyclists  - For generations past and to come, THE LEAGUE represents bicyclists in the movement to create
 safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, we work to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to our members everywhere.
Rails to Trails Conservancy  - Creating a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines:: Building healthier places for healthier people.
Road ID  - Road ID was created on the concept that active people should wear ID as part of their gear when participating in outdoor activities.
Sheldon Brown  - The ultimate bicycle how-to maintenance and bicycle encyclopedia site.
Baltimore Spokes  - Keep your fingers on the pulse of what is going on in the great state of Maryland in regards to bicycling.
Bicycle Commuter Group (Yahoo)  - Sharing information and opinions about bicycle commuting around the world.
Other Cool Bike Stuff
Bicycle Fixation  - For the practical and passionate is about urban bicycling and culture; sprawl and suburbs; sustainability; politics, paradigms, place; and planetary community.
Dangerous by Design  - Points out the dangerous environment we have created for bicyclists and pedestrians.
Harford Cycling Alliance  - Bike friendly businesses along with links to join or donate to local clubs and advocacy groups.
Rules to Ride by  - kolo t.c. Bicycling Rules and Definitions pretty much spells out the dos and don'ts of group riding.